Be Bold

Styled by Pulchritude

Dana Maxx Summer/Fall 2009 Collection

Looks like the Ingrid supporters kept their fingers crossed since the first entry. Someone not only got a sneak peak into backstage at a fashion show but assisted in styling, working with the likes of Dana Maxx herself who has worked for Bestsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs.
The production team included numerous amounts of MUAs, hairstylists, and my 9 models, a few from a small show called America's Next Top Model and winner of Cycle 8, Jaslene Gonzalez.
During the actual ten minutes of the show I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, endured a really bad leg cramp, and even got an elbow to the head - I LOVED IT! lol. All in all it was an unreal experience. One that I will remember just like watching my first fashion show.