The New Breed

I didn't have to hold my breathe for long. Only a day after the Spring 2011 post, the New York Times published the article, The Next Wave. Calling it how I feel it, Joseph Altuzarra, Sophie Thaellet, Ohne Titel, Wayne Lee, Suno, and Patrick Ervell spoke about how the global economy has given breathe to New York and to the world's scene. Factors of being "well connected & the ease of access to information" through the Internet allows for a sense of change. Could it be the rhetoric of 2012 coming upon us? Does every generation feel the same way? It's evident that international e-commerce is vital for the designers and that Asia now plays a role in their work.
As for inspirations larger than life, nothing seems to encompass a worldly idea than Suno's collection using textiles from Kenya to revive their garment industry.