Chanel Iman

from left: Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, Arlenis Sosa

Any person named after a designer and supermodel, is bound to find themselves caught up in fashion. Fortunately, Chanel Iman, welcomed the destiny that her name has given her. She's the face you've seen gracing the covers of magazines and catwalking on runways models would want to be on.
Wondering what the big deal was, when her name was mentioned why there would always be an "I love her." following. I wondered no more when I literally ran into her during fashion week. I, myself, got caught in the trance. Chanel's not just a model but that 19 year old with youth & vitality.
Let's face it when Vogue's right, they're right. Chanel Iman is one of the "World's Top Models."