Talk Amongst Yourselves

"A Sudanese woman was found guilty of indecency and fined for wearing trousers in a case that has attracted worldwide attention, but she will be spared lashes, an official who attended the trial said. The woman was arrested at a party in July with 12 other women and had faced the possibility of 40 lashes for wearing trousers, deemed indecent." - Financial Times, September 2009

On another note, here are some Spring 2010 looks that appeared on the runway this week. One of my favorite designers, Donna Karan, used mainly beige colors this season with a pop of red right in the middle of the show. As for fabrics they seemed light and movable making her vision of an "atmospheric expression of a wind blowing" come across.

The woman she's dressing is one with a "breeze and ease but strong and sophisticated."